Funny Motivational Speaker Bob Garner

Once you see him, you'll never forget him!

Corporate Entertainment

Once you see him, you'll never forget him!

Corporate entertainment is a great idea to ignite your customer appreciation event or employee appreciation event. However, finding a corporate entertainer who can deliver entertainment suitable to your group can be a challenge.
You want a corporate meeting entertainer who will energize and excite your group; make your group laugh; dazzle them with unique entertainment; involve them in the show and most importantly, you want a corporate entertainer that will WOW your group.
Corporate mentalist and meeting entertainer Bob Garner will do all of that. Beyond a typical corporate magician or even a corporate comedian, Bob will astound your group with fun, yet sophisticated demonstrations of mind reading and ESP, coupled with clean humor and plenty of audience participation.
Looking for corporate event entertainment ideas? Customer appreciation event entertainment ideas or employee appreciation event entertainment ideas? The best idea is to have a corporate entertainer with a track record and testimonials to back up what he says he delivers. And that corporate event entertainer is Bob Garner.


Astonishing • Unique • Funny • Memorable • WOW!

Corporate event entertainment by Bob Garner delivers an audience-interactive presentation that creatively combines a series of surprises with information that you want those attending your meeting to hear. Your meeting will get off to a great start, leading the way for your team to present your material to an uplifted and attentive audience.Bob is the perfect corporate entertainment meeting solution.

Mid-way Motivators:
Re-energize your meeting with funny motivational speaker Bob Garner as he involves members of your audience in an effect that emphasizes the importance of teamwork, or a mind reading effect that underscores the fact that your sales reps should know their customers so well, that it appears they have the ability to read their customer's minds. These are just two of the many ways that entertaining motivational speaker Bob Garner can reinforce specific messages and uniquely recharge your audience and keep the energy flowing!

Any corporate event should leave their group excited about where they have been and wanting to achieve their goals. Corporate mentalist Garner can take your meeting out with a bang via his skills as one of the top corporate entertainers in the business. More than a corporate magician, Garner will astonish your group with jaw dropping and eye popping demonstrations of mind reading and ESP. Additionally,  as a funny meeting speaker, he will keep your group laughing and cheering for more!  Your audience will walk away from your meeting with smiles on their faces and a hearty "thank you" to you!

Employee Appreciation Events:
Treating your employees as well as you do your customers is good business and having an employee appreciation event is a smart idea. However, you want to go beyond just food and beverages. A super employee appreciation entertainment idea is Bob Garner who will not only customize his presentation, but also create a fun and exciting program, which aids you in providing a wonderful employee recognition event experience for all. From the front-lines to the executive suite, Bob is perfect for all levels of your company.

Customer Appreciation Events and User's Groups Events:
Customer appreciation event ideas or client appreciation event ideas should always include entertainment. However, you need corporate entertainment that everyone will appreciate and enjoy. That's another way to use corporate entertainer Bob Garner as he will provide the "WOW" factor to help make your event memorable and exciting for all of your guests.Bob has worked all over the world; for a variety of industries and for many size audiences. The key is professionalism, strong entertainment skills and a great personality that crosses all barriers. Funny corporate entertainer Bob Garner holds all three keys and will help you unlock an exciting event.

Funny Emcee/Funny Master of Ceremonies:
If you need a funny master of ceremonies or a corporate emcee to keep the energy high and your awards program or meeting moving, then Bob is the perfect choice. From introducing speakers throughout your event or emceeing your awards banquet, corporate master of ceremonies and funny emcee Bob Garner will work closely with you to add just the right amount of fun and excitement to your program. As one of the top corporate meeting magicians and corporate mentalists, Bob knows "how" and "when" to add just the right amount of "zip" and "wow" to your event, as well as plenty of humor and fun.

After Dinner Entertainment/After Dinner Speaker:
After dinner entertainment is crucial in order to make your evening or event stand out in the minds of your guests. Bob can help you achieve that goal as an after dinner entertainer or after dinner speaker who not only customizes his program to fit your needs, but also delivers astonishing and sophisticated entertainment. For large formal gatherings to casual poolside or casino night entertainment, Bob will assist you in providing an event that your guests will talk about AFTER THEY go back to their office.


For more information on corporate entertainer and corporate event entertainment Bob Garner, please visit Bob's official corporate event entertainer site or call us at 805-534-1576.

P.S. From Bangkok to Boston to Berlin, Bob has traveled the globe working for Fortune 1000 corporations at their meetings and events. We're talking Las Vegas, Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, New York, San Diego, Seattle, DC, Baltimore, Atlanta... you name it. And then, we're talking France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Thailand, Switzerland and more.

Additionally, Bob has presented for a variety of industries including finance, medical, insurance, high tech, food, energy, hospitality, industrial and manufacturing and beyond. In other words, funny motivational speaker and corporate entertainer Bob Garner has the experience to present a phenomenal presentation to your group.

If you're looking for a WOW Factor motivational speaker or the WOW Factor corporate entertainer,
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