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Trade Show Magician - Attendees go to shows and it's always a competition to gain their attention. If you keep doing the same old thing, you will get the same results. Your sales staff saying, "Are these leads any good?" Well, you can increase not only attendee attention, but also quality lead count with one of the leading trade show magicians, actually, he is not a typical magician, but a trade show mentalist.

Humorous Motivational Speakers - I always thought funny would be better than just humorous. My Uncle Floyd was humorous, but my Uncle Jake was funny. Who would you want to hang with? I always go for funny... but that's me. So, for those who prefer a humorous motivational speaker instead of a funny motivational speaker... here you go.

Trade Show Presenter - Tired of the "talking head" narrators or the skits that aren't funny? You know, you have some guy or girl standing there blathering on and it's about as exciting as watching paint dry. I could learn everything they are telling me off the Internet. Or worse, the bad actors doing the bad skits or rip-offs of popular TV shows. Well, forget about it...Ignite your trade show ROI with trade show presenters that deliver and are entertaining.

Entertaining Motivational Speaker - There are many speakers who say they are entertaining and many speakers who say they are motivational. Okay, you can say anything, but what do you have to back it up? Huh? For the very best entertaining motivational speaker, you need to only look in one place. Check out this entertaining motivational speaker video.

Hospitality Suite Entertainment
- For those intimate corporate events where you want your special guests to walk away and actually talk about your suite or event the next day. Nobody talks about the shrimp! You need to check this
hospitality suite entertainment video.

Funny Motivational Speaker Blog - This is where Bob highlights some of his articles, some new videos etc. What's best is when he tells you "like it is" with regard to meetings, events and trade shows. After all, he has been doing these corporate events for nearly 30 years. He consults major corporations and private individuals on marketing, advertising and personal/professional development. He knows what he is talking about and will tell you what works and what won't work... despite the marketing jargon of exhibit builders, hotel convention managers, Internet marketing scams, etc.

Funny Motivational Speaker
- If you're looking for one of the top funny motivational speakers, you need Bob Garner. You can contact his office directly and speak with him to discuss your needs. Bob offers a variety of programs from kick-offs and wrap-ups to full 60-90 minute keynote programs. All are customized to fit your needs and feature information that you group will want to hear creatively reinforced with sophisticated entertainment and fun. Plus, you don't need to go through an agent or speaker's bureau, just give his office a call and find out how Bob Garner can deliver the "WOW Factor" to your next event.