Funny Motivational Speaker Bob Garner

Once you see him, you'll never forget him!

Funny Motivational Speaker Bob Garner           

Rarely do you find a corporate entertainer who can mystify, astound and amaze an audience, while simultaneously sharing with them empowering and useful information that could change their lives.

That entertainer is Bob Garner. It's Bob's ability to do that so well that separates him from other funny motivational speakers.

Recognized as one of the top funny motivational speakers in the business, Bob relies on his background as a successful entrepreneur and owner of two profitable companies; his experience aiding corporate clients to sell literally millions of dollars in products and services, his work as a marketing, advertising, and sales consultant to major corporations and entrepreneurs, as well as decades of research on personal and professional development to provide information that can aid companies and individuals to maximize their potential.

As an entertainer, Bob has appeared throughout the world at comedy clubs and colleges, as well as resort hotels and cruise ships demonstrating his astonishing talents as a mentalist and comedian.

By combining his business acumen with his entertainment skills, Bob delivers customized rich content reinforced with astonishing entertainment, laughter and audience interaction.

Bob's programs inspire, inform, and entertain.

In short, funny keynote speaker Bob Garner is the premier WOW Factor motivational speaker!

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Astonishing Entertainment • Laughter • Audience Participation • Customized Rich Content • Empowering Content

The Result is the "WOW" Factor!

Here are just a few ways to incorporate funny motivational speaker Bob Garner at your next event:

• 60 - 90 Funny keynote speaker

• 30 - 45 minute kick-off to wrap-up igniter

• Mid-way point re-energizer

Employee appreciation event entertainment

Client appreciation event entertainment

Sales meeting entertainment

Awards banquet entertainment

Funny emcee and corporate master of ceremonies

After dinner speaker or after dinner entertainment

From corporate event entertainment ideas to main stage keynotes and everything in between, funny motivational speaker Bob Garner will astonish you and your group.